how we work


Building the team

Great results start with the right team. This is as true for our clients as it is for us. With decades of experience managing supply chain teams and building supply chain organizations from scratch, we can help you put the right team in place at your organization to ensure success.


Organizing the work

The modern supply chain has competing and often conflicting priorities. We have extensive experience with aligning supply chain strategy with corporate objectives. We recognize that strategy is largely about deciding what will  be pursued versus what will not be pursued. We help the supply chain team prioritize their initiatives set a plan for success. 


Doing the work

Our clients may need help getting started and working their way through solution implementation. Many times their supply chain project is well underway and they need help filling critical gaps. Whether it is developing an RFP, negotiating contracts or analyzing performance, we bring our experience of "owning the work" to benefit your supply chain.